Clinic Activities

We would like to take this opportunity to share the progress we’ve been making in the past one year. We are delivering our services to children by way of conducting camp every third Sunday of each month. Dr.D.V.Ramana, an M.R.C.P. in pediatric Oncology,and Trustee of the trust, took the responsibility of laying down the plan of action for the camps, besides attending the camp. The other volunteer doctors include: Dr.R. VenkateswaraRao, Dr.V.Radhakrishna Murty, Dr.Sendhil Kumar, Dr.Saratchandra, Dr.D.R.K.Prasad, Dr.V.Ravindra Babu from U.K(during his stay in India). The Mandal Parishad School Management is generous enough to let us carry on the with our activities, although we maintain our own office. Staff of local Convent Priyadarsini Vidyalayam are also rendering selfless services to make each camp a success.

KMF rolls out a communications outreach program through local media and by sending out a roaming “town-crier” sometimes. During the camps, pediatricians or general practitioners identify children with chronic illnesses and refer them to the super specialists who schedule surgical procedures as needed or advise therapies. KMF maintains all records of the screenings, histories, diagnosis, treatments, and follow-ups diligently.

Achievements: So far we have seen 604 children, out of them 190 visited us more than once. As an incentive to attract children and bring attention of our presence we are distributing free medicine. So far we have identified three children with congenital heart disease. They were taken to Hyderabad and a doctor Dr. D.V.Ramana refered them to a cardiologist who schedules surgical procedures or advises therapies. We have assisted a 10 years old girl Laxmi Bhavani Bandi daughter of Srinivas Bandi, with a hole in her heart, to have a surgery in Care Hospital Hyderabad. The other two children are under observation at present. The parents of these children are extremely happy for the attention and the care they received at Hyderabad. Just recently we have assisted three other children – Balasubramanyam Gunturu and Ravi kumar Gunturu (12 and 11 years old and both are sons of Michael) and Ravi Veerla (5 years old and son of Thirupathayya) - suffering with congenital hydrocele and hernias to undergo successful surgery. We're very happy that we were able to provide with all the necessary medical and financial assistance till their discharge. We're planning to extend the same Kind of assistance for the post-operative care.

Future objectives: In the founding years, KMF delivered broad-based health services to rural populations in the Mopidevi area of coastal Andhra Pradesh, India. Our experience has helped us determine that we can contribute most effectively by focusing on providing the best of care to children with critical and chronic medical conditions. To this end, we will raise resources on a global level and mobilize the best possible expertise at the local level for service delivery. As we grow our resources and capabilities in the next few years, we will expand our serving area from Mopidevi to other rural areas in India. Also we intend to educate the parents about nutrition and preventive aspects of various diseases. In spite of the hardships we are facing in getting physicians to travel the remote areas, we still would like to stay on course and continue to achieve our objective.

We're deeply indebted to many friends and relatives, who are regularly volunteering to help us in successfully conducting every camp, especially to, Mr. Paruchruri Janardhana Rao of the Mopidevi village and Mr. Koteswarao, a nurse, who have been putting in relentless efforts with the support of a co-ordination committee to make sure that the services of the trust reaches the beneficiaries.

  • KMT is run entirely by volunteers – most of the funds go towards providing care to children rather than administrative overheads
  • Focus predominantly on children: serving chronically ill children
  • Accountability to donors and regular progress reports We’re very much confident that, with the support and co-operation we’ve been getting all along
  • We can provide our services to many more deprived children, awaiting medical help, in the coming years